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I was in Aplerbeck last monday. Thanks to FC I didn"t pay the entrance. The staff was really friendly. It's a non approach club, built in a house. The main room is rather small, with a fridge with soft drinks. The "restaurant" is a little room with a fridge and a few foods. Prices are, if I remember well, 30 euros for 20 minutes and 50 euros for 30 minutes. I recognized 3 girls : Lola and Kami who were working in Living Room 2 months ago and Christina who worked in Aca Gold. Maybe 10 girls this evening. The showers and the lockers are in the basement. LU was a little weak so I didn't session.
I liked the non approach policy and the friendliness of the staff but for me, there are not enough girls, the prices are not so interesting and the food is too limited. Going to Aca Gold is easier for me when I come to Germany and it's cheaper, with better food.
If I'm ready to pay 50 €/30 min, I prefer to go to LR, 6s, Finca Erotica.
Thanks to FC for the free entrance.
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