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Daumen hoch Besuch von Mittwoch 20 Dezember

A lot of clients were present on Wednesday : approximately 35 men for only 20girls. Very unfavourable rate !!!

However, there were at least 6-7 german girls (a good news for me !!! ). Several rumanian and bulgarian girls were back (definitively ?) to home before christmas. Some of them will not come back next year because of the new law.

Unfortunately for me, my favorite german girl has worked behind the bar….

I did 2 sessions with the same girl … Gemma (deutsch/italien).

Gemma (deutsch/italien) :

Profile : 22yo, 1.60m, long dark brown hair, nice silhouette with beautiful forms. Since 3 days in PSR. Previously, she has worked in private (apartment) and as escort with higher prices …

Service : Long and pleasant social time in a couch. Considering to her high prices requested in private, I only expected to have a basic service for 50 €. Well, I was wrong ….. The miss offers a high level service . Sensual preliminaries, nice and various blowjob and sex was delicious in various positions . I did 2 nice sessions with her.

Appreciation : 9 / 10

Price : 2 x 50 € / 2 x 30 min – no extra.

Repetition : 100 %.

Bis bald ...
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