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Driving to the Villa from my homecountry for another sex across the border, I remembered this specific term. Long time ago this term meant illegal sexual encounters with black girls in South Africa. You could be taken into prison for that. No wonder many SA men were flogging into Swasiland and Mocambique for...Times have changed, we Europeans meet eachother in a nice club. I met a nice English gentleman who helped me out in our quest for love and lust and he also offered me to coach me in Samya his favourite club. He also introduced me to this site. I already read his lines with great pleasure. Although I do speak/write German I hope my English is not too inferior to be understood. I wrote 2 comments on VV girls in the Dutch equivalent One was about Carolina a real lady from Belgian. Unforturtunately she disappeared and the club people could not help me out. After a few so-so meetings I recently discovered a fantastic pseudo-nymphet. For those who are not familiar with American world-literature a nymphet is even much younger than 16. Anna is in her twenties. Very tall which I like a lot and not so conspicuously attractive blonde/ beatiful like some of her colleagues. She certainly doesnot smile the whole time and accidentally bumps into you. The first time I caught something of her conversation on the balcony. Lightning hit me and the followup is only logical. The most important thing is her ability to converse nicely, for me a prerequisite to coninue the proceedings. In the room she is not inhibited at all. Showering together as a start feels damn good. Fellatio and cunnilingus couldn’t be better as far as I am concerned, but more important Anna is very friendly, natural and she loves caressing. For me a fantastic GFE and she is so pretty if you look carefully. It looks like I am becoming monogamic again. But for how long???
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I also met with Anna at the villa. Too bad she didnt suck without a rubber...
can anyone confirm she sucks without condom?
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