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Standard GT: Maria, 25, Rumänien

Nationality / languages spoken: Romanian from Dobresti / English quite good
Age: 25 years old
Face: Pretty and charming
Hair color: Brown
Height: Average
Chest: Siliconed(masterpiece), first disappointment
Silhouette / body: Harmonious
Tattoos - Piercings: Maybe...
Blowjob: Yes, academic
Cunni: Yes
Kiss: Yes, under control
Other characteristics: Ex-Babylon in Vienna, 5 years in business and just back for a week after a 6 months break.
A total crash, I had everything wrong.
Spotted quickly, ST encouraging where she will explained me that she likes to adapt her behavior to her partner, sounds good...
Session without much feeling, nice girl that will confess feeling useless sexually wise, sort of disconnected or charred.
Totally freudian, fehlleistungen!
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